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Aftermarket Tachometer Wiring - 01.07.2012  · Im installing an equus tach i got on craigslist that was still in the box brand new. I searched and found that you can use the black and yellow wire. 01.08.2004  · Hi everyone, I attempted to install a cheap (20$) aftermarket tach into my '99 Honda Civic SE (Canadian base model), but I couldn't get the damned thing to work!. 27.06.2011  · I'm lucky enough to have an '85 weekender with no tach, so I'd like to install an aftermarket tach. Picked one up at my FLAPS for $30. Wiring seems straightforward, but I've got a few questions. Picked one up at my FLAPS for $30..

The wire from the computer would be pulsing for all cylinders but a negative coil connection would only pulse for one or two cyls not 6 or 8. The tacho would read very low. The tacho would read very low.. 27.06.2004  · hey speaking of wireing a tack to an Ka I was wodnering if an auto meter electronic speedometer would hook up to an SR20det and was also wodnering what wire would hook up an autometer tach. I am doing the SR swap and was currious as well as some others I. 29.04.2013  · News: As of April 1, 2008 All Classified forums require a Site Supporter subscription. It is only $25 per year and you can buy and sell whatever you like on the forum..

Install the gas tach and the diesel flexible circuit, then carefully trim the mylar material back from the stock "tachometer" connection, tape it off to prevent a short circuit, then connect the new wire (green in this picture) to the tachometer "B" terminal (circled in green).. Thanks for the replies. The reason to go with a different setup is because none of the factory stuff is any good. I had the generator tested at the shop and it is bad, the cluster is beyond repair, and all the wiring is ate up by rats.. The later Tachometer Wiring is different. It is a typical tap connection, instead of the Datsun 1200 'passthru' induction wiring. It is a typical tap connection, instead of the Datsun 1200 'passthru' induction wiring..

The red wire was run to the isolated power post for the tach. We didn’t have to isolate it like the speedo, but we wanted to ensure clean power and we had an unused wire in our connector..

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