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Air Bag Schematics Seat Sensor Youtube - where are the crash sensors where are the crash sensors on 03 caravan located? we just put in new air bags and clock spring and relay and seat belts. but air bag ight stays on. Submitted: 8. If the air bag system warning light does not operate normally, refer to the on-board diagnostic system (air bag system) and perform inspection of the system. Seat Weight Sensor Calibration [Two Step Deployment Control System]. I have an airbag code of B0084 which is the passenger side airbag sensor. I have a part number of 15297468 but am curious if anyone has had luck with the dorman parts which are a third of the price?.

Shoddy design if a bad sensor on the passenger side seat belt disabled the driver's side airbag. Bad design if the seat belt sensor is bad, but it still shuts down the airbag, even though there's nothing wrong with either the seat belt, or the air bag. Sounds like a problem that could endanger lives.. Hyundai Accent 2006-2010 Passenger Airbag Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator B1448 OC (Occupant Classification) -Passenger Sensor Mat Defect. They were able to hook up all the of electrical except for the airbags so the airbag light is on. The adapter/plugs for the wires were changed between 02 and 05 and we are concerned about the airbags deploying by changing the adapter to make it work. Also there is a concern that the airbag sensors in the seats are different between the leather 02 seats and the cloth 05 seats any ideas or.

Step 1. Turn Off ingnition Step 2 . Under Passenger seat locate sensor connector Step 3 . Instead of original sensor plug in Airba360 module Step 4.. jeep cherokee airbag wiring 05 kj - airbagseatbelt lights came on for 5 sec while driving full onboard camera airbag s wiring help newb airbag question what are the chances of the airbags going off when off-roading. airbag light on anyone ever. How to Reset the CTS Airbag Light by David Clair Every Cadillac CTS is equipped with an airbag system that automatically inflates air bags if the sensors connected to the system detect an accident..

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