Aircraft Engine Wiring

Aircraft Engine Wiring - This PSRU is a Supermarine Aircraft design for our engine packages with thousands of hours testing and flying in the field with no failures. Main housing is cast aluminium and all internal components are machined from billet aluminium with extremely close tolerances of 0.005”.. Ultralight News is an ultralight aircraft information resource site for ultralights, ultra-lites, microlites, powered parachutes, powered para-gliders and weight shift trikes that generally fit into, what in the United States are described as, Far Part 103 legal ultralight aircraft.. LS-2 Crate Engine. The GM LS-2 crate engine makes an interesting candidate for a lightweight liquid-cooled aircraft powerplant, which might provide reasonable reliability and power in.

Aircraft Fuel Injection/ EFI. EFI in the Experimental aircraft world is becoming the new "normal" today. While some people cling to 100 year old technology such as carbs, mechanical injection and magnetos, the fact is our aircraft EFI/EI can do the job better, with less pilot monitoring and less maintenance.. Kolb Aircraft Co. manufactures kit build aircraft with folding wings including the FireFly, FireStar, FireStar II SS, Slingshot, Kolbra, Mark III Classic, and the Mark III Xtra.. World Champions fly our trike with Suzuki G13BB engine. Do you want the same engine for your aircraft?.

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