Kramer Focus 6000 Wiring Schematics

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Kramer Focus 6000 Wiring Schematics - Mar 18, 2017  · Hey everybody, I just got a great deal on a busted old blue Kramer Focus 6000. I'm going to fix it all up and revive the original floyd rose AND, put in the GFS VEH pickup in the bridge that everyone is looking for reviews of and can't find and see how she sounds.. Sep 05, 2017  · NGD - Kramer Focus 6000 For those of you that don’t care about the details, here is the finished product, a Kramer Focus 6000. After agreeing on a trade, some slight delays and good communication later, the body and neck arrived on Friday (super-well packed may I add).. Having designed the wiring diagram on paper, I had to mock it up electronically, to take measurements and make sure it worked. Step one was to build the switching matrix and use resistors instead of pickups. That way, you could use a simple multimeter to confirm when the wiring was in.

Apr 06, 2017  · 2. Natural one is a Focus 6000 from 1988 (Pacer custom I), in the spring cavity I can see that it was metallic blue, but previous owner took the paint off, HSS with a miniswitch for each pickup, original pickups that sound very good 3.. Step 3: Wiring, Wiring, and more Wiring Now insert the DPDT switch in the hole and secure it in place.-Now locate the 5-way selector switch-Trace the wire from the neck pickup to the selector switch. Jun 02, 2014  · I am changing pretty much all of the wiring in my guitar, as in, I'm removing all the pickups, the 5 way selector, and only keeping the volume and ton.

I have recently upgraded my pups on my kramer focus 6000. It has 2 single coils and 1 humbucker at the bridge. I have the Vintage rails at the neck, the SSL-1 in the middle and a horrible sounded Dimarzio Tone Zone at the bridge.. And the 6000? It was probably in the back of my mind from recently working with a Kramer Focus 6000 . And there are obviously plenty of entrepreneurs out there on eBay who will make a guitar waterslide decal with anything you want.. Mar 06, 2007  · Kramer Focus 6000 - my 80's pointy workhorse that never dies. Original Floyd with Duncan distortion humbucker. Dunlop Crybaby wah - changed a few components inside to make it more vocal, better sweep..

Aug 26, 2007  · You can view the entire electronics manual with Jackson pickup specs as well as wiring schematics here. On an interesting note, John Page stated February 24, 2005 ""We had our own winders, Tanaka's, we bought them from Jackson Guitars. FS 1986 Kramer Focus 3000 Theme . Default (Default) HFC . HFC 2.0 . HFC '59 . Ted Test .. Aug 22, 2008  · Yes it is an a lot of people have been successful. A lot of people have also failed for various reasons. The best advice is to build a driver and circuit without modifying the guitar in any way and testing it by holding the driver over the strings above the neck and away from the pickups.. Kramer Focus 6000 - Hockey Stick headstock - Owned Vivian Campbell with a gorgeous Kramer Nightswan (ad for Kramer Guitars) from the back cover of Guitar World magazine in 1988. The world's largest selection of free guitar wiring diagrams. Humbucker, Strat, Tele, Bass and more!.

Review (mpn:f-3000 for sale) Selector 5-way Pickguard Loaded - -3000 Focus F-3000 Kramer Coil Tap 3000 . In very good used shape albeit a little dirty on the underside. This auction is for a kramer f 3000 loaded pickguard. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. .. Aug 26, 2007  · These tapes were applied before potting and were protected with wax. By late 1986 Jackson expanded the pickup line to include high output and low impedance pickups both in their guitars and available as replacement. You can view the entire electronics manual with Jackson pickup specs as well as wiring schematics here..

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